Building Project Procedures Manual

Appendix 1C: Campus Levels of Delegated Authority

NOTE: Per Board Policy 9.4.1, each institution's delegated authority for Project Authorization applies only to projects that clearly conform to that institution's accepted master plan.

August 2007

Level 1 2 3 4
Project Authorization, construction cost NTE   300,000 750,000 $1 million
Master Planning Contracting, fee limit        
Other Professional Services Contracting, fee limit 50,000 75,000 120,000 600,000
Design Consultant Contracting, QBS        
Construction Contracting limit 300,000 600,000 $1 million $5 million
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College checked      
Albany State University checked      
Armstrong Atlantic State University   checked    
Atlanta Metropolitan College checked      
Bainbridge State College checked      
Clayton State University   checked    
College of Coastal Georgia   checked    
Columbus State University   checked    
Dalton State College checked      
Darton State College checked      
East Georgia State College   checked    
Fort Valley State University checked      
Georgia College & State University   checked    
Georgia Gwinnett College checked      
Georgia Highlands College checked      
Georgia Institute of Technology       checked
Georgia Perimeter College     checked  
Georgia Regents University       checked
Georgia Southern University     checked  
Georgia Southwestern State University checked      
Georgia State University       checked
Gordon State College   checked    
Kennesaw State University     checked  
Middle Georgia State College   checked    
Savannah State University checked      
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography checked      
South Georgia State College checked      
Southern Polytechnic State University   checked    
University of Georgia       checked
University of North Georgia   checked    
University of West Georgia     checked  
Valdosta State University     checked