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Major Repair and Renovation (MRR)

The University System of Georgia owns and manages over 44 million square feet of instructional space, much of which was constructed prior to 1970 and thus suffers from age, weather, excessive use, and technological obsolescence. Major Repair and Renovation (MRR) funds, which are requested annually, help preserve the value, integrity, and effectiveness of this extensive physical inventory.

The institutions use MRR funding for projects that involve major repair, replacement, or renovation of critical building systems, site components and infrastructure. MRR funding works in conjunction with maintenance and operations (M & O) funding and capital funding (for large or comprehensive renovation projects) to fulfill the USG institutions’ overall physical inventory stewardship responsibilities and protect the State of Georgia’s investment in higher education facilities.

Major Repair and Renovation (MRR) Guidelines

FY 2018 MRR Project Request

Information Memo:


Projects Forms:

FY18 MRR Summary
FY18 MRR Project Information Form
FY18 MRR Project Record Approval Form

FY 2017 MRR Authorizations

FY17 MRR Allocation FINAL


April through May
Institutions draft MRR requests with assistance from their BOR Program Manager as needed.
MRR submittals are due to the BOR by Monday, May 22, 2017.

BOR staff will review all submittals for clarity and MRR eligibility and work with institutions to answer any questions related to MRR requests.

BOR staff will develop final list based on system-wide FY17 MRR funding amount approved by the legislature.

August Board of Regents Meeting
MRR recommendations will be presented to the Board of Regents for consideration.

Prior MRR Authorizations

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MRR Funding Requests & Recommendations - FY 2015
MRR Funding Requests & Recommendations - FY 2014
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Other Forms

Instructions and Worksheets

Emergency MRR Request Form

MRR Emergency Requests

Each year, 3-5% of the annual MRR request is retained in a system MRR Emergency Reserve. These funds are used to cover institution emergencies, such as unforeseen or premature equipment or building component failures, which may arise during the year.

To request Emergency MRR funds, institutions must complete and submit the Emergency MRR Request form. This form is available through the link below and can be completed and submitted electronically.

According to Board policy 9.12.3, the Vice Chancellor for Facilities is authorized to allocate up to $250,000 in emergency MRR funds per project. The Chancellor is authorized to allocate up to $500,000. Emergency MRR requests larger than $500,000 require Board approval.