Real Estate and Facilities

Administration Division

Public Private Ventures

The Office of Real Estate and Facilities staff works closely with USG institutions and foundations to help them navigate the complex transactions required to develop and construct alternatively financed facilities. We monitor the physical condition of the public private ventures portfolio and review financial operating data for each project, in conjunction with the Finance Division of Fiscal Affairs.


  1. Guidelines for Facilities Condition Assessment Services for Privatized Projects
    1. Facility Information Form
    2. List of Deficiencies - Priority & Building Components
    3. 10 Year Projected Cost Summary by Priority & Year (PMRR)
    4. 10 Year Projected Cost Summary by Priority & Year (M&O)
    5. Recommendations for Additional Investigations
    1. 10 Year Projected Cost - Privatized Major Repairs & Replacements
    2. 10 Year Projected Cost - Maintenance & Other Expenses
  2. BOR Facilities Condition Assessment Report Template
  3. APPA Standards (Maintenance, Custodial & Grounds)
  4. ASTM E2018-15 Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process