Real Estate and Facilities

Operations Division


Real Estate and Facilities staff provide, coordinate and support physical planning and analysis for the USG institutions. We offer generalized and specialized consultative planning and analysis services to campus constituents, often working with the assistance of professional planning consultants. We also serve as liaison to other functional areas within the University System Office to ensure facilities planning and analysis issues are considered in an appropriately comprehensive context.

Our primary planning-related activities include:

  • USG Capital Budget and System Capital Planning
  • Campus master planning (guided by USG master planning templates)
    • Consultant selection
    • Project scope identification
    • Coordinating and advisory participation
    • Procedural and methodological review
  • Space Utilization Analysis
  • System facilities data collection and analysis
    • Database issues
    • Capacity studies
  • Special planning studies
  • Cross-disciplinary participation in topics and issues related to facilities planning