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Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Section 4.0 Academic Personnel

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Section 4 of the Academic & Student Affairs Handbook provides additional information about University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents' (BoR) policies related to academic personnel. Section 8 of the BoR Policy Manual contains a number of policies that are directly related to faculty or faculty personnel. Some of those policies typically raise questions on campuses as the policies are being implemented, so this section provides additional information about the following:

Table of Contents

Other policies in the BoR Policy Manual directly related to faculty or faculty personnel are fairly straightforward and do not require further clarification. Those policies can be found in the following sections:

Academic Professionals
Age Criteria for Employment 8.2.2
Consulting Activities by Faculty
Discipline and Removal of Faculty Members 8.3.9
Dismissal of Temporary, Limited-term, or Part-time Instructional Personnel
Emeritus Title 8.3.13
Employment and Resignation Notice 8.3.4
Employment of Relatives 8.2.3
Employment with Agency Funds
Faculty Contract Forms 8.3.11
Faculty Membership 3.2.1–3.2.4
Faculty Qualifications
Employment of Lecturers & Senior Lecturers &
Georgia Eminent Scholars Endowment Trust Fund 7.5.5
Intrasystem Recruitment 8.3.3
Part-time Employment 1.2.5
Regents’ Professorships 8.3.2
Regents’ Researchers
Retirement Eligibility
Salary Criteria
Salary Supplements
Summer School Salaries
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