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Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

4.2 Definition of Part-Time

Part-time faculty are non-tenured faculty employed less than full time at a single USG institution or at more than one USG institution and are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Are not accruing time toward tenure
  2. Are considered temporary appointees, requiring reappointment from year to year
  3. Are not the same as adjunct (courtesy) faculty appointments
  4. Are not issued contracts
  5. Are not eligible for USG benefits
  6. A part-time faculty member’s employment cannot exceed more than one-half time for the year at a single USG institution. A part-time faculty member teaching at more than one USG institution must limit his/her employment to less than half-time employment across all USG institutions. Upon appointment at a USG institution, part-time faculty will be asked to verify in writing that they are in compliance with this policy.

A sample compliance statement can be found at Section 4 samples. For additional information about part-time faculty, see the following sections of the BoR Policy Manual:

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