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Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

4.5 Award of Promotion


All criteria and expectations for faculty performance, including the criteria for promotion to each rank, should be stated in writing and available in a faculty handbook posted on an institution’s website. The BOR has set minimum criteria for promotion that must be met by all institutions. These minimum criteria, including specific degree requirements, vary across institutional sectors (see BoR Policy 8.3.6). Institutions can set additional standards and requirements above these minimum criteria but they must be approved by the Board. Any BOR-approved changes to promotion criteria at an institution must be updated annually in the faculty handbook on the institution’s website and a summary of the changes made must be submitted to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs.

The institutional timeline for the review of faculty for promotion must be completed by early February of a given academic year in order to meet the data entry deadline of the end of February for the annual report to the Board of Regents.

Special considerations for Promotion:

  • Recommendations for promotion are not normally considered for individuals who are currently on leaves of absence or who hold “temporary” appointments.

  • Strong justification must be provided to support any decision to promote to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor if the individual has not earned the terminal degree in the discipline.

  • Strong justification must be provided to support any consideration of “early” promotion wherein the individual has served fewer than the number of years in rank at the current institution as listed below:

For Promotion to Minimum Service in Rank
Assistant Professor 3 years as Instructor
Associate Professor 4 years as Assistant Professor
Professor 5 years as Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer 2 years as Lecturer
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