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Due Diligence Guidelines: Easement

Due Diligence Guidelines Contents


This guideline is applicable for all easements, including the Board of Regents as either Grantor or Grantee of the easement. It is applicable for intergovernmental easements, utility easements, and all easements to or from private parties.

All easements will be non-exclusive easements unless compelling justification is provided for an easement to be an exclusive easement.

Pertinent Board Policy: Section 9.8.3

Resources: Standard Real Estate Documents

Submittal Guidelines

Request from President to Vice Chancellor for Real Estate and Facilities to grant non-exclusive easement that includes all of the following as attachments:

A. GEPA Environmental Report (Two originals)
B. Recordable survey (Six recordable surveys)
C. Legal description
D. Location map
E. Color pictures of easement area
F. Narrative

  1. Grantee or Grantor of easement, including name, contact person, address, telephone number.
  2. Purpose and use of easement
  3. Duration of easement
  4. Benefit to institution of easement
  5. Detriment to institution of easement
  6. Consideration offered for easement, including statement of adequacy of consideration.
  7. Justification for granting of easement
  8. Any known restrictions or reversions on property
  9. Opposition to easement by any individual or group
  10. Any additional information that a prudent person would consider to be relevant or important to understanding and considering the request.