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Color Pictures of Property

Due Diligence Guidelines Contents

Pictures of the property that are illustrative of the transaction need to be submitted. Pictures should clearly illustrate the subject property and also the surrounding properties illustrating how they relate to the subject. This is helpful in assessing the proposed transaction.

For example - For a demolition transaction the pictures should clearly substantiate the need to demolish the structure and should not leave the viewer with a question of whether the structure really is deteriorated to the point of requiring demolition.

Picture Format

Digital image in one of the following formats should be provided:

Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPG)
Tag Image File Format (.TIF)

For leases only the following Digital Image Formats may also be used:

Computer Graphics Metafile (.GIF)
Zsoft Paintbrush (.PCX)
Aldus/Windows Metafile (.WMF)
MicroGraphics Designer (.DRW)
HP Graphics Language (.PLT)
Lotus Picture (.PIC)
Autocad Slide (.SLD)
Macintosh PICT (.PCT)
MacPaint (.MAC)
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

If a Digital Image cannot be provided then a standard color picture may be provided as follows:

Minimum size 3” x 5”
Maximum size 8” x 10”
No Polaroid pictures
No color copies of pictures

Pictures of Land

Show land from all significant directions
Show adjacent lands
Show any major land features

Pictures of Buildings

Outside View(s)

For acquisition, disposition and gift also provide:

Pictures of land (as appropriate)
Pictures of adjacent properties