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Due Diligence Guidelines: Demolition of Facilities

Due Diligence Guidelines Contents


This guideline is applicable for all proposed demolition and removal of facilities, including demolition by public works contract and institution personnel. Also included is the transfer and relocation of facilities from Board of Regents real property. After approval of a demolition by the Board of Regents, an Executive Order from the Governor must be obtained by the Board of Regents before the demolition can take place. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) must be notified 10 working days prior to the demolition regardless of whether asbestos is present. This notification must be submitted through the Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS).

Pertinent Board Policy: Section

Submittal Guidelines

Request from President to Vice Chancellor for Real Estate and Facilities for facility demolition that includes all of the following as attachments:

A. Building name and facility inventory number
B. GEPA (ESA Phase I may also be required if in conjunction with a Public Private Venture)
For improvements deemed historic, the GEPA process for significant resources must be followed.
C. Location map
D. Color pictures of building
E. Firm cost proposal for demolition
F. Hazardous material assessment
G. Narrative (in the following numerical outline order)

  1. Description of building, including size, number of stories, type of construction
  2. Date of construction, acquisition and last renovation
  3. Estimate of current building value
  4. Estimate of repair and renovation cost
  5. Condition of building
  6. Statement indicating conformance with Institution’s Master Plan, including excerpts from Master Plan indicating conformance.
  7. Any known restrictions or reversions on property
  8. Historical significance, or eligibility for historical register, of building
  9. Opposition to demolition by any individual or groups
  10. Current use of property
  11. Location that current uses will be relocated to
  12. Is the proposed demolition pursuant to one of the four criteria contained in Board Policy. If so, which one and explain fully.
  13. Justification for demolition
  14. Specific source of funds for demolition
  15. Proposed use of property after demolition
  16. Cost associated with developing proposed use, including specific source of funding
  17. Any additional information that a prudent person would consider to be relevant or important to understanding and considering the request.