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Information for Future Students

A freshman is a student who has not attended a college or university after high school graduation. Students who have completed less than 30 transferrable hours after high school graduation must also meet freshman admission requirements. Students applying for freshman admission are expected to have completed a rigorous high school curriculum and to have at least a minimum high school grade point average (HSGPA). In addition, students applying to a research, comprehensive, or state university, as well as to some of the state colleges, must meet minimum SAT/ACT and Freshman Index requirements.

Use the following links to learn more about each freshman admission requirement:

Quick Links

  • Georgia Degrees Pay - puts all the information prospective students and their families need about degree attainment, student success, costs and affordability at the 26 USG colleges & universities at their fingertips.
  • USG Georgia Degrees Pay Handout - one-pager that provides information about the USG & the Georgia Degrees Pay suite of tools.
    USG GDP Handout 2023 - best for printing
    USG GDP Handout 2023 - best for sharing electronically
  • Find Your Future… Find Your School - interactive resource that allows prospective freshmen to discover the USG colleges and universities that may be the best fit.
  • USG Freshman Admission Requirements - document that provides the freshman admission requirements for each USG college and university.
  • Staying on Course - provides information about the USG’s Required High School Curriculum (RHSC), including the specific high school courses approved to satisfy the 17 RHSC units.
  • USG Degrees and Majors Authorized - searchable database of the degrees and majors available at the 26 USG colleges and universities.
  • USG Facts and Figures - document published by the Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Admissions on behalf of the USG colleges and universities.
  • USG Admission FAQs - most frequently asked questions related to the USG admission requirements.