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Information for Future Students

Dual Enrollment provides high school students with the opportunity to take college courses for both college and high school credit. Students interested in Dual Enrollment are encouraged to talk with their high school counselor as early as possible to ensure all deadline are met. Students, parents/guardians, and counselors should together carefully assess whether Dual Enrollment is a good fit for the student. Students should be aware that college courses are typically more rigorous than high school courses and move at a faster pace. Also, Dual Enrollment courses result in real college credit and the grades become a part of the student’s permanent college record. Grades earned through Dual Enrollment could impact future eligibility for college admission and scholarships as well as high school graduation.

Georgia’s Dual Enrollment funding program, administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, allows eligible high school students to take approved college courses at little or no cost. Additional information on funding eligibility requirements, award amounts, approved courses, funding application process and other aspects of the program can be accessed from the Dual Enrollment page on Participating students may have some expenses such as course-related fees and supplies (such as course lab materials) or charges for optional activities or services (such as parking fees, meal plans, student health center fees, etc.) as these are not covered by the program.

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