Educational Access and Success

Academic Affairs Division



A state’s ability to remain competitive and provide for quality of life relies on an educated workforce. This has held true over the past century and shows no sign of abating. Institutions of higher education, especially public, have been the primary holders of this responsibility.

What’s new is the environment.

Resources are scarce. Technology affords different opportunities. Regional and international peers are ratcheting up. At the same time, it’s clear that for a complete Georgia, higher education must serve all citizens as best as it has the lucky few who succeed in this status quo version of postsecondary education.

Something different has to happen: Partnerships and collaboration that become the driving force of the economy in more intentional ways.

This is the work of Summit 2013.

• Understanding the potential for economic development needs in both the short and long run

• Developing the strategic partnerships across systems, K-12, industry, and nonprofit to realize that potential

• Setting the right goals and metrics to sustain accountability and quality

For two days in Athens, nearly 400 leaders will gather from University System and Technical College System institutions, the Governor’s Office, state and local K-12, and key industry and community groups. National partners will set the stage on the role of education in attracting and growing economic opportunities. Economic needs will be deconstructed beyond jobs to show the skills and adaptability required of a relevant workforce. Participants will encounter data and ideas that show the true potential of the state lies intrinsically with pursuing the potential of all individuals.

Regional teams from varied parties will work together in the afternoon to take this information and craft a vision for partnerships necessary to fulfill the needs of their region beginning with present day, thinking short term, and thinking long term.

The second day of the Summit will be devoted to the policy, metrics, and systems that will have a strong impact on the success of these partnerships.