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Name Email Phone
Academic Affairs 404-962-3060
Academic Partnerships & Accreditation Email 404-962-3067
Academic Programs Email 404-962-3065
Administrative and Fiscal Affairs 404-962-3240
African-American Male Initiative Email 470-578-2526
Business Development Email 404-657-2514
Center for Health Workforce Planning & Analysis Email 404-962-3064
Chancellor’s Office Email 404-962-3000
Communications Email 404-962-3050
Compliance Program (Internal Audit) Email 404-962-3025
Customer Focus (see Service Excellence)
Customer Services, ITS Email
Early College Email
Economic Development Email 404-656-2275
Educational Access & Success Email 404-962-3120
Environmental & Occupational Safety Email 404-962-3162
External Affairs 404-656-2211
Faculty Affairs 404-962-3077
Fiscal Affairs Email 404-962-3200
GALILEO - GeorgiA Library LEarning Online Email
Georgia Archives Info 678-364-3710
GeorgiaBEST Production Support
Georgia Financial, Information & Reporting Systems for Tomorrow (GeorgiaFIRST) Email
Georgia PRISM (Partnership for Reform in Science & Mathematics) Email
Georgia Public Library Service Email 404-235-7200
Government Relations Email 404-657-7075
Human Resources – Systemwide Email 404-962-3246
Human Resources (University System Office) 404-962-3238
Information Officers Council Email
Information Security and ePrivacy Email 404-962-3302
Information Technology Services (ITS) Email 706-583-2000
Internal Audit Emal 404-962-3020
International Education Email 404-651-2950
Legal Affairs Email 404-962-3255
Math + Science = Success Email
PeachNet Email 404-656-2201
Public Safety Email 404-962-3157
Real Estate and Facilities Email 404-962-3155
Regents’ Testing Program Email 404-413-4240
Research and Policy Analysis Email 404-962-3062
Service Excellence Email 404-756-2762
Student Achievement Email 404-962-3107
Student Advisory Council (SAC) Email
Student Affairs Email 404-962-3110
USG by the Numbers
USG Foundation Email 404-962-3057
Visual Identity Program (VIP) Email