Internal Audit and Compliance

Internal Audits, Ethics and Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management

Improving organizational and operational effectiveness and efficiency

Internal Audit & Compliance supports the University System of Georgia’s management in meeting its governance, risk management, compliance and internal control responsibilities while helping to improve organizational and operational effectiveness and efficiency.

  • We are responsible for planning and performing internal audits of the University System of Georgia components, implementing the System Ethics and Compliance Program and supporting the System Enterprise Risk Management Program.
  • We are a core activity that provides management with timely information, advice and guidance that is objective, accurate, balanced and useful.
  • We promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct.

The Office of Internal Audit & Compliance reports to the Chancellor and to the Board of Regents Committee on Internal Audit, Risk, and Compliance.

Our specific areas of focus include:

Internal Audit

Internal audits. Consulting engagements. Information technology reviews. Special reviews and investigations. Internal Audit taps the talents of our System Office Internal Audit staff and over 26 campus audit shops to help USG management meets the demands of creating a more educated Georgia.

Ethics and Compliance

USG Ethics Policy. Federal laws and regulations. State laws. Board Policy. Our Ethics and Compliance Program is designed to help USG employees and institutions “do the right thing” as they carry out their mission.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk is everywhere – however, properly managed risk is an organizational tool that allows USG institutions to pursue excellence while mitigating the downside of the five types of Enterprise Risk.


If you are aware of fraudulent activity related to the University System of Georgia or simply want to suggest an improvement to ongoing operations, we want to know about it! You may anonymously report online or call us at: 1-877-516-3466.

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