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Fiscal Affairs and Planning

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    Business Services provides high quality service to all internal and external customers by receiving and disbursing all funds in a timely, accurate, and reliable manner.

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    Providing leadership and guidance to USG Institutions on accounting policies and procedures and related reporting.

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    Strategic Sourcing/Procurement looks at activities of the institutions relevant to standards, aggregation of purchasing power and negotiation of contract terms.

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    Budgeting is identifying, projecting, allocating, and managing the central resources available for operating and capital expenditures.

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    Public Private Ventures works closely with the institutions and foundations to develop and construct alternatively financed facilities.

About Fiscal Affairs and Planning

The mission of the Office of Fiscal Affairs and Planning is to serve the Chancellor, the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia by providing leadership on fiscal policy, budgeting, and financial practices and procedures. read more »

Shelley C. Nickel Shelley C. Nickel
Vice Chancellor Fiscal Affairs and Planning
Telephone: 404-962-3200

Contact Information

Fiscal Affairs and Planning
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
270 Washington Street, SW, 6th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia   30334

Tel.: 404-962-3200
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