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Student Affairs

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    Students in Georgia have a wide range of choices for continuing their education. The University System of Georgia offers students higher education options at 30 colleges and universities throughout the state.

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    The University System of Georgia thanks all current and former military members for their service to our country. We are dedicated to helping make the transition from active duty to civilian life a smooth and seamless one.

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    The guidance and counseling provided by high school counselors, graduation coaches and teachers is critical to ensuring students are prepared and remain on-track for continuing their education following high school.

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    The Office of Student Affairs assists many campus departments that serve our student needs in gaining access, support, and progress through their collegiate years.

About Student Affairs

Student Affairs is responsible for advising the Chancellor and the Board of Regents on all matters affecting student life on the campuses of the 29 colleges and universities comprising the University System of Georgia. The Office of Student Affairs provides system-wide leadership and support in furthering campus efforts to provide for the intellectual, cultural, social, recreational, emotional and personal development of all students.

Contact Information

Student Affairs
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
270 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

Tel.: 404-962-3110
Fax: 404-962-3116