Strategic Plan 2029

Our Mission is Knowledge

Economic Competitiveness Goal

The University System of Georgia will play a critical role in developing the talent and knowledge for current and future industry needs in the state of Georgia and beyond.



    System office and institution Academic Affairs leaders and personnel will develop changes to the USG systemwide core curriculum. The general education/core curriculum should serve as foundational knowledge that spans across disciplines and teaches students how to think, to ask the right questions, to discern existing knowledge, to conduct quality research, to think critically, and to problem solve with relevant information. Currently, learning outcomes differ across all our institutions. The general education refresh will better align student learning outcomes with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be career ready.


    Collaborative programs are multi-institutional consortia targeting high-demand, courses and degrees that address the workplace needs of Georgia. Building on the successes of existing collaborative degree programs and high-demand coursework (eMajor, Georgia Film Academy, FinTech Academy), the system office division of Academic Affairs will continue to promote the existing programs across our institutions and will identify additional high demand curricula that can be developed and delivered in a collaborative environment. The goals will be to align curricula to high-demand knowledge, skills, and abilities, and to increase student acquisition of high-demand knowledge, skills, and abilities through expansion of collaborative programs and courses.


    USG RI and RII institutions (doctoral institutions with high or very high research activity: Augusta University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia) will create opportunities for their community members to pursue innovative ideas and start new businesses. The USG will support institutional and community-based entrepreneurship efforts and serve as a resource and launching structure for developing innovation in existing sectors of the economy and for developing future industries for the state of Georgia.


    USG RI and RII institutions (Augusta University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, and the University of Georgia) will hire faculty who excel in research and who will bring in research dollars that support their research agenda. Additionally, all institutions will ensure opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research. The USG will work with Georgia Research Alliance, institutions, and other entities to recruit and support new eminent scholars. The goal will be to increase engagement in research that creates new knowledge to the benefit of our state, nation, and world.