Strategic Plan 2029

Our Mission is Knowledge

Strategic Plan Development

The development of Strategic Plan 2029 began in early 2023 under the leadership of Chancellor Sonny Perdue and former Vice Chancellor for Leadership and Institutional Development, Dr. Stuart Rayfield. The Chancellor convened a group of institutional presidents, one from each institutional sector (listed below), to assess the system’s progress on the previous plan and develop a new vision statement, core values, goals, and associated initiatives and metrics. This Presidential Working Group gathered input from all presidents at the March presidents’ meeting. This group recommended that the system continue to focus on the previous strategic plan’s goals of student success, responsible stewardship, economic competitiveness, and community impact with updated initiatives and enhanced metrics. The Presidential Working Group recommendations on vision, values, goals, initiatives, and metrics were presented and discussed at the Board of Regents annual planning retreat held in March (2023 Regents listed below). Vice Chancellor Rayfield incorporated the Board’s feedback and provided another update at the May Board meeting. From May until August, work has focused on analyzing data on strategic plan metrics, identifying targets on those metrics, and the creation of dashboards to track progress. The final plan with metric targets was presented and formally approved at the August Board of Regents meeting to go into effect on September 1, 2023.

2023 Board of Regents Members

  • Doug Aldridge
  • Tom Bradbury
  • Richard “Tim” Evans
  • W. Allen Gudenrath
  • Erin Hames
  • Samuel D. Holmes
  • Bárbara Rivera Holmes
  • C. Thomas Hopkins, Jr., MD
  • James Hull
  • Cade Joiner
  • Patrick C. Jones
  • C. Everett Kennedy, III
  • Sarah-Elizabeth Langford
  • Lowery Houston May
  • Jose R. Perez
  • Neil L. Pruitt, Jr.
  • Harold Reynolds
  • T. Dallas Smith
  • James K. Syfan, III

Strategic Plan Presidential Working Group

  • Dr. Christopher Blake, Middle Georgia State University
  • Dr. Ángel Cabrera, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Michelle Johnston, College of Coastal Georgia
  • Dr. Kyle Marrero, Georgia Southern University