Strategic Plan 2029

Our Mission is Knowledge

Community Impact Goal

University System of Georgia institutions will connect and collaborate with the communities and regions in which they serve to drive innovation and create opportunities for continued economic and quality of life impact.



    USG institutions will implement, embed, and utilize Steppingblocks or another career planning tool to promote student success, fostering credential completion, long-term student success, and community impact through clear connections to in-demand careers in Georgia and beyond. The system office will also work to develop a virtual career and college choice counseling service for Georgia high school students and their families which leverages machine learning/artificial intelligence to guide students and answer questions on demand. This initiative will provide students with the best resources to be able to choose degree programs that lead to careers or graduate school in the state of Georgia.


    The system office division of Academic Affairs will lead the creation of a standard set of definitions around High-Impact Practices and experiential learning and will collaborate with institutions to embed these experiences into degree programs. The system office’s goal is to expand the use of quality High-Impact Practices/experiential learning that help students apply learning in their community. These experiences include things like work-based learning, service learning, and undergraduate research.


    The USG Leadership and Institutional Development unit will work with leaders across its institutions to develop specific leadership program tracks for development in critical positions in leadership. This initiative will expand existing leadership programs to specific position tracks (i.e., Chief Business Officer Development Program) to enhance succession planning and retain talent.