Strategic Plan 2024

Setting a Course for the 21st Century


USG’s 2024 strategic plan comes down to the idea that we have to change the way we do business to best meet Georgia’s needs. Doing so supports the success of our faculty, staff and students. It also improves Georgians’ quality of life.

Being flexible in how we engage students, innovative in the breadth and depth of our courses and aggressive in how we apply research to cure diseases, advance science and develop technology should be a call to arms.

All of us must be better — better at collaborating, better at listening, better at building relationships — not just across campus but throughout communities here and afar. Every one of our 26 institutions benefits from the collective knowledge of one of the largest public university systems in the nation. We must bring this strength to bear on our actions.

Accountability and transparency at such a critical moment is necessary and welcomed. We will report our progress both on a system level and sector level to members of our governing Board of Regents. Metrics and our progress toward them will be readily available to the public and all stakeholders.

We are grateful to the hundreds of citizens, policymakers, industry leaders, faculty, staff and students who provided input on this journey. You gave invaluable feedback and, in no small fashion, helped shape our future.

Together, our efforts translate into a powerful union of academic innovation, diverse institutional missions and community foresight. Together, we drive Georgia forward toward achieving our goals.