Human Resources

Operations Division

Tips for Job Applicants

General information about University System Office job listings:

Minimum salary information

There may be a minimum salary or a salary range listed for each position on the vacancy list. Hiring salary offers will not be lower than the posted minimum rate for the position. Actual salary offers are dependent upon the candidates qualifications, existing University System Office policies, and the availability of funds for that department. The Human Resources staff will work with the hiring departments to determine the appropriate rate of pay. Individuals with considerable skills and experience beyond the minimum hiring standard may be hired at a rate higher than the minimum, if departmental resources and internal equity considerations permit.

Position Information

It is recommended that you maintain a record of the position(s) that you have applied for. Once submitted, applications, resumes, work samples, etc. may become a part of Human Resources files and may not be retrieved for the applicant. We also recommend that you keep a copy of any job listing that you are applying for.

Position Updates

Once a position is removed from the job posting, applications are no longer accepted. For some positions there can be a long delay between the time a job is posted, removed from posting and the time it is filled. If a hiring department wishes to interview you for a position, they will contact you directly. Please do not contact the hiring managers directly regarding the status of your application. If you are interviewed but not selected for a position, the hiring departments may contact you, but this is a courtesy rather than a requirement. Response letters will be sent to all applicants, either via email or US mail, once a candidate has been chosen for the position.

Employment Eligibility

ALL employees must initiate the federal Form I-9, U.S. Department of Justice, between their first and no later than their third day of employment. Employees are required to complete the upper portion of this form, in the presence of a representative from the Division of Human Resources with the University System Office. Current proof of identity, proof of eligibility to work in the United States, and the employee’s actual Social Security Card are also required, at that time, for verification and tax purposes.

Employment Disqualification

A candidate may be disqualified for employment for any of the following reasons:

  • The candidate has been convicted of a crime involving a felony, or crimes involving moral turpitude unless the applicant has been pardoned.
  • Any confirmed criminal history may result in disqualification.
  • Any false statement of material fact during the screening process.
  • The candidate is or has been a member of an organization advocating the violent overthrow of the United States or State of Georgia government.

To determine potential disqualification, an individualized assessment as outlined in this policy must be conducted.


When applicable - Human Resources does not review applications and resumes for testing requirements during the application process. Some hiring departments will request that applicants be tested and may use the test results as an internal measure for competition. It is the responsibility of the applicant to be prepared to take any of the required tests requested by the department. If you are unable to take the required tests during the time frame which the hiring department has requested, it is possible that you may not be considered for the position. The tests are administered in Human Resources (or its designee).