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Known Issues

Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-50_PO 2017-02-24 Some Users Unable to Print Purchase Orders Resolved
KI9.2-51_Other 2016-12-09 Self Service Password Reset Is Not Working Resolved
KI9.2-56_EX 2016-12-09 Unable to Reassign Travel Authorizations Resolved
KI9.2-55_PO 2016-12-09 Ad Hoc Approvers Cannot Be Inserted into Req and PO Workflow Resolved
KI9.2-43_AP 2016-11-15 Bank Statement Register Report (FSX3000) Receiving Error Message Resolved
KI9.2-42_EX 2016-11-15 Comments Not Displaying on Expense Report Sent Back by Approver Resolved
KI9.2-39_PO 2016-11-15 Canceling PO with Budget Error Does Not Change Budget Status to Valid Resolved
KI9.2-38_PO 2016-11-15 Approved POs Reverting to Pending Approval after Adding Comments Resolved
KI9.2-36_EX 2016-11-15 Cancel Travel Authorizations Process Retaining Old Accounting Dates Resolved
KI9.2-24_AP 2016-11-15 Review Bank Statements Total Transaction Amount Showing Zero Resolved
KI9.2-23_PO 2016-11-15 Closed PO and Requisition Lines Remain on Buyer’s or Requester’s Workbench Resolved
KI9.2-21_EX 2016-11-15 Accounting Details Covered by Scroll Bar Resolved
KI9.2-2_EX 2016-11-15 Issues Applying Travel Per Diem Meal Deduction to Expense Reports Using Quick-fill Resolved
KI9.2-37_EX 2016-11-04 BOR_KK_OPEN_TAUTH_ENC Query Not Returning Accurate Results Resolved
KI9.2-4_EX 2016-11-04 Travelers Unable to Update Default ChartField Values (Self-Service) Resolved
KI9.2-15_PO-ePro 2016-11-04 Requisitions with Multiple Distribution Lines Not Reassigned to Each Approver Resolved
KI9.2-34_ePro 2016-05-20 Requisition Status Not Correct When Canceled in Manage Requisitions Resolved
KI9.2-31_PR 2016-05-20 Payroll to GL Interface Resulting in Unbalanced Journals when the “Include Encumbrance” Box is Not Selected Resolved
KI9.2-35_PR 2016-05-20 Encumbrance Projection to General Ledger Resolved
KI9.2-41_PO 2016-05-13 Report for PO Open Encumbrances as of Accounting Period Resolved

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