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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-147_GL 2021-07-21 nVision Drilldowns Running to Error Resolved
KI9.2-146_Workflow 2021-06-04 Users Unable to Insert Adhoc Approvers with a Different Primary Permission List Resolved
KI9.2-137_EX 2021-04-16 Travel and Expense Approvals Skipping Department Manager 2 Level Resolved
KI9.2-100_Other 2021-04-13 Change in Accessing Reports in Report Manager Resolved
KI9.2-145_BP 2021-04-07 Direct Edits to Proposed Budget Cause Out of Sync Budget Amounts Resolved
KI9.2-142_BP 2021-03-22 PBM Business Unit Prompt Not Correctly Restricting Input Resolved
KI9.2-136_SP, AP, EX, & GL 2021-03-22 Incorrect Date/Time Stamp and User Information on Attachments Resolved
KI9.2-144_BP 2021-03-19 Hourly Employees under 1FTE Salary Issue Resolved
KI9.2-143_BP 2021-03-19 Financials Build Process is Creating Incorrect Fringe Budgets in Aggregate Detail Resolved
KI9.2-129_BP 2021-03-16 MCOP Row Import Issue Resolved
KI9.2-134_BP 2021-03-16 Position Budget Process Adding Lines to Posted Budget Journals Resolved
KI9.2-141_AP 2021-01-07 Withholding Adjustment and Withholding Line Update Pages Not Available Resolved
KI9.2-140_AM 2021-01-06 Depreciation Calculation Running to No Success Resolved
KI9.2-138_Other 2020-11-30 Browsers Causing Look Up Window to Appear as a Blank Page Resolved
KI9.2-103_Other 2020-11-19 Users Receive Connection Expiration Message Resolved
KI9.2-135_AP 2020-10-21 APX2027 Process Not Running to Success Resolved
KI9.2-133_ePro 2020-10-20 Closed Requisitions Not Liquidating Resolved
KI9.2-125_AP 2020-10-20 Voucher and Payment Request File Attachment Issue Resolved
KI9.2-97_AP 2020-10-20 Voucher Spreadsheet Upload Error Resolved
KI9.2-022_CA 2020-10-01 The Encumbrance Calculation Incorrectly Processed OVL Encumbrances to Account 511115 Resolved

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