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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-133_ePro 2020-10-20 Closed Requisitions Not Liquidating Resolved
KI9.2-125_AP 2020-10-20 Voucher and Payment Request File Attachment Issue Resolved
KI9.2-97_AP 2020-10-20 Voucher Spreadsheet Upload Error Resolved
KI9.2-022_CA 2020-10-01 The Encumbrance Calculation Incorrectly Processed OVL Encumbrances to Account 511115 Resolved
KI9.2-018_CA 2020-10-01 Changes Only Encumbrance Calculation Resolved
KI9.2-127_CA 2020-10-01 Encumbrance Calculation Issues Resolved
KI9.2-131_GL 2020-07-13 nVision Drilldowns Running to Error Resolved
KI9.2-132_GL 2020-06-01 Journal Spreadsheet Upload Error Resolved
KI9.2-108_GL 2020-04-28 nVision Drilldowns Running to Error Resolved
KI9.2-130_BP 2020-04-02 JED Import Issues Resolved
KI9.2-119_BP 2020-03-18 Budget Prep Load Process Not Updating Department or Job Entry Dates Correctly Resolved
KI9.2-118_BP 2020-03-18 Budget Prep Load Not Updating Annual Benefits Base Rate in OneUSG Connect Resolved
KI9.2-101_AP 2020-03-12 Payment Inquiry - Payment Reference ID link results in Error Resolved
KI9.2-128_CA 2020-02-13 MCOP Earning Encumbrances Resolved
KI9.2-99_GL 2020-02-11 Journal Spreadsheet Upload Error Resolved
KI9.2-123_AP 2019-12-17 Matching Process (AP_MATCH) Runs to No Success Due to Unique Constraint Resolved
KI9.2-115_BP 2019-11-25 HCM Import to Budget Prep Imports Deleted Job Rows Resolved
KI9.2-114_BP 2019-11-25 Fringe Update Process Runs to “No Success” for Certain Positions Using Job Earns Dis Resolved
KI9.2-109_AP 2019-11-25 Issue with Updating Recycle Vouchers Created via Voucher Build Resolved
KI9.2-82_ePro 2019-11-25 Requisition Attachments Unable to be Viewed from Requisition Approval Page Resolved

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