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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-170_Other 2024-03-26 Updated: Download to Excel from Grid Pages is Displaying Incorrect Amount Resolved
KI9.2-139_ePro/PO & AP 2024-03-26 Worklist Notification Flag Issue Resolved
KI9.2-169_EX 2023-11-17 Payment Method Defaulting to System Check Resolved
KI9.2-166 _GL 2023-08-17 GL - Grant Bill Report - Incorrect Amounts Resolved
KI9.2-162 _AP 2023-02-21 Unable to Add Attachment to Voucher Once Associated PO has Closed Resolved
KI9.2-165_AP 2023-02-21 AP_WTHD_UPDT Process Running to No Success Resolved
KI9.2-163_GL 2022-11-09 GL WorkCenter Page Not Loading Resolved
KI9.2-161_GL 2022-10-10 Large Number of Errors Upon Submission of TIGA Vendor Payment Report Resolved
KI9.2-160_EX 2022-04-14 Cancel Travel Authorizations Page Resolved
KI9.2-159_EX 2022-04-14 T&E Update Profile - Supervisor ID Field Resolved
KI9.2-158_EX 2022-03-25 Travel Authorizations with Budget Header Status of ā€œIā€ (In Process) Resolved
KI9.2-157_ePro 2022-01-19 Punchout Supplier Issues When Using Updated Version of Mozilla Firefox Resolved
KI9.2-156_EX 2022-01-11 Cash Advances Not Updating to Approved Status Resolved
KI9.2-155_ePro 2022-01-10 ePro Requisitions Not Updating to Approved Status in All Cases Resolved
KI9.2-153_KK 2021-12-20 Budgets Overview ChartField Descriptions Missing Resolved
KI9.2-152_Other 2021-12-20 Page Unresponsive When Users Attempt to Attach Documents in GeorgiaFIRST and Augusta Financials Resolved
KI9.2-151_EX 2021-12-20 Group Meal Expense Types Cannot Be Submitted on Travel Authorizations Resolved
KI9.2-150_EX 2021-12-20 First or Last Day of Travel Meal Deduction Not Working on Copied Fluid Expense Reports Resolved
KI9.2-149_AM 2021-09-24 Migrated Leases Not Producing Lease Payment Entries Resolved
KI9.2-107_ePRO 2021-07-29 Users Being Timed Out During GFM Shopping Session Resolved

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