Real Estate and Facilities

Administration Division


BOR & Institutional Contacts
Contacts information for BOR Facility Staff, Institutional Contacts, BOR PM Assignments, Environmental & Occupational Safety Coordinators, RTK Coordinators, and Energy Managers

Guidelines and Procedures
Capital projects design and construction procedures, Bid requirements for construction projects, Environmental assessment, Campus master planning, Public Safety guidelines, Real Estate due diligence

Contracts and Agreements
Design & Construction management, Real Estate easement and rental agreements, Public Safety aid agreements

Forms and Submittal Documents

Facilities related reports, their purpose, and due dates

Training Resources
Right-to-Know online training and other training resources

Agencies and Organizations
Professional organizations and state agencies

Facility Data and Utilization
USG Facilities Inventory Data Collection (FIDC), USG space coding and classification, and other facility utilization information and resources

Institutional Master Plans