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Reporting Resources

Area Report Purpose Due USG Contact
Planning/Development Facility Naming Report
Satisfies requirement for Chief Facilities Officer to report annually to the BOR on all place namings, including those within the institution presidents's delegated authority.  Annually on Dec. 31 for all namings within calendar year. Sandra Neuse
Planning/Development Facilities Inventory   Annually Maggie Dolan
Design/Construction Capital Outlay Budget Request (COBS) Provides project and finding request information to the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) in support of state funding.  Annually Maggie Dolan
Design/Construction Architectural & Engineering Report Enables State Auditor to maintain statistics on all architectural and engineering firms conducting business with the state. Institutions are required to submit this information to the Auditor's Office monthly through their online system.   15th of each month for prior month to be submitted to the Georgia Department of Audits at Teresa Higgins
Design/Construction QBS Report   Annually Teresa Higgins
Operations Energy Use Report Enables annual reporting to the Ga. Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) on system-wide energy usage and progress towards Ga. Energy Challenge of reducing energy by 20% by 2020.  Annually by Oct. 1 for prior fiscal year. Greg Adams
Operations MRR Annual Submittal Used to match institution MRR project priorities to available funding at close of legislative session. Projects are presented to the BOR in June.  Annually in late March / early April (For 2013 cycle, MRR submittals are due by Mar. 26, 2012) Greg Adams
Operations MRR Accounting Record Provides a summary of MRR activity during the fiscal year. Required to ensure adherence with bond terms and to provide information for the BOR and funding partners on system use of MRR funds.  Annually; upon completion of MRR projects for that fiscal year. Greg Adams
Environmental Hazardous Chemical Inventory Report Required under Ga. Public Employees Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right to Know Act.  In July and January of each year. Sheres Johnson
Public Safety Emergency Risk Management Insurance This information is used by the Dept. of Administrative Services to generate insurance premiums.  March Mike Coverson