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GeorgiaFIRST Financials

Known Issues

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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
Resolved Summary 2015-08-17 Summary of Resolved 9.2 Go-Live Known Issues Resolved
KI9.2-9 2015-07-10 Issue with Ledger Close Process (GLPCLOSE) Resolved
KI9.2-7 2015-06-26 Surplus/Deficit Report Not Returning Transfer Amounts Resolved
KI9.2-3 2015-06-12 KK Amount Type Incorrect on ONL and EXT Journals Resolved
KI9.2-6 2015-06-08 Supplemental PDR Data File for May 2015 Contains Inaccurate Data Resolved
KI9.2-4 2015-05-18 Report Manager Displaying PO Dispatch Files for All Institutions Resolved
KI9.2-2 2015-05-01 Processes Staying Queued in Process Monitor Resolved
KI9.2-1 2015-04-29 Fund 20000 Budget Aggregate Detail Issue Resolved
8.9 Resolved 2015-03-31 8.9 Resolved Known Issues Resolved

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