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Known Issues

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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI8106 2010-06-24 GL BOR_SALARY_CONT_AUDIT_RECON Query Resolved
KI8105 2010-06-01 Budget Prep and ADP Account Code Maintenance Effective Dating Resolved
KI8107 2010-05-25 BP ADP Department ID Does Not Equal PSFIN Department ID Resolved
KI8104 2010-04-27 BP HR/Payroll Budget Prep Load File Resolved
KI8103 2010-04-24 AP Open Liability Queries Resolved
KI8102 2010-04-01 GL Bank Automatic Reconciliation Exceptions Page Resolved
KI8101 2010-03-27 ePro ALTACCT Field Auto-Populating on Requisitions and Purchase Orders Resolved
KI8100 2010-02-27 AP "B" Business Unit EFT Banner Vendors Not Prenoting in EFT Pay Cycles Resolved
KI8096 2010-02-06 GL New Phone Group Descriptions in GTA/IBM Invoice File Resolved
KI8099 2010-01-27 AP BORRY010 1099 Reportable Transactions Report Resolved
KI8097 2010-01-25 AP 1099 Update Withholding Process (AP_WTHD_UPDT) Abending Resolved
KI8080 2009-08-29 AP Review Bank Statements Page Resolved

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