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GeorgiaFIRST Financials

Known Issues

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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI8128 2011-03-21 Expenses Error Message (Message Not Found) Resolved
KI8127 2011-03-14 Issue with Applying a SpeedChart on ePro Requisition distributed by Quantity Resolved
KI8126 2011-02-21 ADP/EV5 GL interface to PSFIN- Abnormal 0.01 FICA and FICA/Med amounts Resolved
KI8125 2011-02-18 ADP/PS Financials Reconciliation – Higher than normal CES Accounting mapping errors Resolved
KI8126 2011-02-14 Update: ADP/EV5 GL interface to PSFIN – Abnormal 0.01 FICA and FICA/Med amounts Resolved
KI8123 2011-02-04 Modifying and Saving PO within a Closed Accounting Date Resolved
KI8120 2010-12-15 AP Technical Error Received When Attempting to Cancel/Void Payments Resolved
KI8119 2010-11-17 GL ADP Account Code Maintenance Resolved
KI8114 2010-09-18 GL Updating the Budget Reference on Pagelets Resolved
KI8118 2010-09-16 EX Expense Report Status Erroneously Changing to Closed Resolved
KI8117 2010-08-28 GL Modifications to nVision AER Reports Resolved
KI8115 2010-08-06 GL Continuous Audit Salary Reporting Resolved
KI8116 2010-08-05 PO BOR_OPEN_AMOUNT_PO Query Timing Out Resolved
KI8108 2010-07-24 ePro Requisitions Routing to All Approvers Regardless of Effective Date Resolved
KI8110 2010-07-24 GL BOR Year End Encumbrance Recon Reports Resolved
KI8113 2010-07-24 GL BOR Year End Build Encumbrance Reports Process Resolved
KI8109 2010-07-20 PO Defaults Page Causes POs to Time Out When Retrofitting Data Resolved
KI8111 2010-06-30 BP Financials Export V8 BORBU8F1 Process Not Producing KK Journal Data Resolved
KI8112 2010-06-29 EX Copy from Existing Report or Template Quick Start Options Resolved
KI8098 2010-06-26 PO Distribution Line Changes to Received PO Resolved

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