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Known Issues

Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-37_EX 2016-11-04 BOR_KK_OPEN_TAUTH_ENC Query Not Returning Accurate Results Resolved
KI9.2-4_EX 2016-11-04 Travelers Unable to Update Default ChartField Values (Self-Service) Resolved
KI9.2-15_PO-ePro 2016-11-04 Requisitions with Multiple Distribution Lines Not Reassigned to Each Approver Resolved
KI9.2-34_ePro 2016-05-20 Requisition Status Not Correct When Canceled in Manage Requisitions Resolved
KI9.2-31_PR 2016-05-20 Payroll to GL Interface Resulting in Unbalanced Journals when the “Include Encumbrance” Box is Not Selected Resolved
KI9.2-35_PR 2016-05-20 Encumbrance Projection to General Ledger Resolved
KI9.2-41_PO 2016-05-13 Report for PO Open Encumbrances as of Accounting Period Resolved
KI9.2-26_ePro 2016-04-27 Editing a Requisition Triggers as Many Approval Emails as the Number of Lines Edited Resolved
KI9.2-5_PO 2016-04-27 Unable to Obtain File in Report Manager (BI Publisher) Resolved
KI9.2-2_Other 2016-03-03 Pagelets Disappearing from Home Page Resolved
KI9.2-28_PO 2016-02-29 Purchase Order Quantities Highlighted on Printed POs Resolved
KI9.2-25_PO 2016-02-29 Budget Checking Purchase Orders in a Closed Accounting Period Resolved
KI9.2-30_AP 2016-02-29 Voucher Build Process Running for Extended Amount of Time for Banner Disbursements Resolved
KI9.2-33_EX 2016-02-18 Cash Advance Reconciliation ChartFields Not Inherited Resolved
KI9.2-32 2016-02-08 Benefit Reconciliation Process for Retirees Resulting in Excessive Mapping Errors Resolved
KI9.2-11_EX 2016-01-15 Expenses Workflow Routing Issue Resolved
KI9.2-17_AP 2016-01-15 Voucher Payment Tab Address Issue Resolved
KI9.2-18_EX 2016-01-15 Approval History not Including All Information Resolved
KI9.2-14_PO 2016-01-15 Canceling a Dispatched PO__rev12-3-2015 Resolved
KI9.2-13_ePro 2016-01-15 Requisitions Canceled with Budget Exceptions Resolved

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