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GeorgiaFIRST Financials

Known Issues

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Resolved Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-4 2015-05-18 Report Manager Displaying PO Dispatch Files for All Institutions Resolved
KI9.2-1 2015-04-29 Fund 20000 Budget Aggregate Detail Issue Resolved
KI8160 2014-12-08 Supplemental PDR Processing Issue Resolved
KI8156 2014-04-24 Expense Processing Down for Staging Payments Resolved
KI8155 2014-04-16 Budget Prep Data Update Non-Personal Services Search Issue Resolved
KI8154 2014-04-15 GTA Phone Bill Format Has Changed as of January Bill Resolved
KI8150 2012-09-27 Error with Update to Expenses Bank Load Process Resolved
KI8149 2012-09-27 Travel and Expenses Checkbox Not Functioning Properly Resolved
KI8148 2012-08-15 Incorrect PO Type Default for all "ONL" Special Requisitions Resolved
KI8146 2012-06-12 BOR_VENDOR_OBLIGATION_VALIDATE Query Resolved
KI8145 2012-05-29 Issue with Re-Open Requisition Functionality Resolved
KI8136 2012-05-21 BOR Vendor Payment Report (BORIF037B) for DOAA/TIGA Reporting Resolved
KI8144 2012-03-21 AP Matching Process Running to 'No Success' Resolved
KI8142 2012-01-17 Issues Running 1099 Update Withholding Process (AP_WTHD_UPDT) Resolved
KI8141 2011-12-08 Load/Validate Supplemental PRD Accounting Process Resolved
KI8140 2011-11-30 Issue with Minority Vendor Report BORRP008 Resolved
KI8139 2011-10-27 ACH-EFT AP Payment Advices Running to Error Resolved
KI8137 2011-09-28 Reopen POs Process & Reopen Requisitions Process Security Resolved
KI8135 2011-08-08 GL Modifications to FY2011 nVision AER Reports Resolved
KI8134 2011-07-18 EV5 Tables in PSFIN Data Refresh Issue Resolved

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