Administrative and Fiscal Affairs Division

Known Issues

Active Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-42_EX 2016-05-13 Comments Not Displaying on Expense Report Sent Back by Approver Active
KI9.2-40_ePro 2016-04-28 Account Field Is Not Able To Be Edited after Selecting a SpeedChart on Mass Change Page Active
KI9.2-39_PO 2016-04-27 Canceling PO with Budget Error Does Not Change Budget Status to Valid Active
KI9.2-38_PO 2016-04-27 Approved POs Reverting to Pending Approval after Adding Comments Active
KI9.2-37_EX 2016-04-14 BOR_KK_OPEN_TAUTH_ENC Query Not Returning Accurate Results Active
KI9.2-36_EX 2016-04-11 Cancel Travel Authorizations Process Retaining Old Accounting Dates Active
KI9.2-29_EX 2016-01-28 Changes to Expense Reports During Approvals Not Requiring Budget Check Active
KI9.2-24_AP 2015-12-18 Review Bank Statements Total Transaction Amount Showing Zero Active
KI9.2-15_PO&ePro 2015-12-08 Requisitions with Multiple Distribution Lines Not Reassigned to Each Approver Active
KI9.2-9_PO 2015-12-08 Unable to Approve Requisitions Pending Approval Status in Manage Requisitions Active
KI9.2-9_AP 2015-12-08 Payment History Report Not Calculating Totals Correctly Active
KI9.2-7_EX 2015-12-08 Expense Report and Travel Authorization Header/Line Status not updating to Approved Active
KI9.2-4_EX 2015-12-08 Travelers Unable to Update Default ChartField Values (Self-Service) Active
KI9.2-23_PO&ePro 2015-12-08 Closed PO and Requisition Lines Remain on Buyer's or Requester's Workbench Active
KI9.2-19_EX 2015-11-06 Name on Expense Report Summary Disappears Active
KI9.2-21_EX 2015-11-06 Accounting Details Covered by Scroll Bar Active
KI9.2-3_PO 2015-11-06 Print Run Control Page—Number of Copies Active

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