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Known Issues

Active Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-61_PO 2017-02-13 Pre-encumbrances Not Liquidated for Requisitions Closed in Requester’s Workbench Active
KI9.2-60_EX 2017-02-08 Modify Approved Transactions Displaying Results for All Business Units Active
KI9.2-59_PO 2017-01-30 Purchase Orders Closed with a Budget Error or Not Chk’d Status Active
KI9.2-58_EX 2016-12-15 Project Missing from Default Accounting for Expense Report Active
KI9.2-57_GL 2016-12-05 Unable to Save ChartField Inquiry Criteria on the Budget Overview Page Active
KI9.2-53_AP 2016-12-02 Vouchers Saved for Later Not Displaying Invoice Information Tab Active
KI9.2-52_AP 2016-12-02 Voucher Print Functionality No Longer Displaying Supplier Address Active
KI9.2-54_PO 2016-12-01 Monitor Approvals: Workflow Not Updated When Reqs & POs Reassigned Active
KI9.2-50_PO 2016-11-22 Some Users Unable to Print Purchase Orders Active
KI9.2-49_PO 2016-11-15 Process Option Changes for Maintain Purchase Order and Express Purchase Order Pages Active
KI9.2-48_AP 2016-11-15 Voucher Inquiry Error Message Value Too Long Active
KI9.2-47_AP 2016-11-15 Submit Approval Button Remains Active After Selecting for Voucher Approval Active
KI9.2-46_PO 2016-11-15 Supplier Status Menu Not Available on Approve Supplier Page Active
KI9.2-45_AP 2016-09-29 TIGA Query BOR_TIGA_VENDOR_OBLIG_VALIDATE Results Incorrect Active
KI9.2-40_ePro 2016-08-10 Account Field Is Not Able To Be Edited after Selecting a SpeedChart on Mass Change Page Active
KI9.2-44_AP 2016-08-05 Use of Voucher Save for Later Button Preventing Access to Voucher Data in iStrategy Active
KI9.2-29_EX 2016-01-28 Changes to Expense Reports During Approvals Not Requiring Budget Check Active
KI9.2-9_PO 2015-12-08 Unable to Approve Requisitions Pending Approval Status in Manage Requisitions Active
KI9.2-9_AP 2015-12-08 Payment History Report Not Calculating Totals Correctly Active
KI9.2-7_EX 2015-12-08 Expense Report and Travel Authorization Header/Line Status not updating to Approved Active

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