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GeorgiaFIRST Financials

Known Issues

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Active Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-20_GL 2015-11-23 Error Received When Updating Grant or Project Descriptions Active
KI9.2-17_AP 2015-11-18 Voucher Payment Tab Address Issue Active
KI9.2-14_PO 2015-11-16 Canceling a Dispatched PO Active
KI9.2-13_ePro 2015-11-09 Requisitions Canceled with Budget Exceptions Active
KI9.2-19_EX 2015-11-06 Name on Expense Report Summary Disappears Active
KI9.2-18_EX 2015-11-06 Approval History not Including All Information Active
KI9.2-21_EX 2015-11-06 Accounting Details Covered by Scroll Bar Active
KI9.2-3_PO 2015-11-06 Print Run Control Page—Number of Copies Active
KI9.2-11_EX 2015-09-08 Expenses Workflow Routing Issue Active
Active Details 2015-08-17 Details of Active 9.2 Go-Live Known Issues Active
Active Summary 2015-08-17 Summary of Active 9.2 Go-Live Known Issues Active
EX-5 Workaround Options 2015-04-20 EX-5 8.9 Travel Authorizations Applied to 9.2 Expense Reports Active

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