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Known Issues

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Active Known Issues

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
9.2 Upgrade KI_04.23.15 2015-04-23 9.2 Upgrade Go-Live Known Issues 04.23.15 Active
Resolved Summary 2015-04-23 Summary of Resolved 9.2 Go-Live Known Issues Active
Active Summary 2015-04-23 Summary of Active 9.2 Go-Live Known Issues Active
EX-5 Workaround Options 2015-04-20 EX-5 8.9 Travel Authorizations Applied to 9.2 Expense Reports Active
9.2 Upgrade KI_04.10.15 2015-04-10 9.2 Upgrade Go-Live Known Issues 04.10.15 Active
9.2 Upgrade KI_04.03.15 2015-04-03 9.2 Upgrade Go-Live Known Issues 04.03.15 Active
9.2 Upgrade KI_04.01.15 2015-04-01 9.2 Upgrade Go-Live Known Issues 04.01.15 Active
KI8159 2014-09-15 GL – Issue with Plant Allocation Process Using Project ID Active
KI8158 2014-09-15 eProcurement - Desktop Receiving Issue for Asset Purchases Active
KI8153 2013-07-31 APY2030 Trial Payment Register Omitting Payments Active
KI8152 2013-02-05 Canceled Requisitions Reflected Incorrectly on the Requisition Reconciliation Workbench Active
KI8147 2012-06-26 Uploading AP Vouchers from MS Excel Spreadsheet Active
KI8143 2012-04-05 System Performance - Budget Progress Reports and Integration Broker Active
KI8138 2011-10-12 KI8138-Crystal_reports Active
KI8130 2011-06-21 Security Issue With Copy User Profile Functionality Active
KI8132 2011-06-20 Issue with Budget Prep G1 When Run by Position Active
KI8129 2011-03-30 Budget Prep Issue with Update Personal Svcs Active
KI8126 2011-02-14 Update: ADP/EV5 GL interface to PSFIN – Abnormal 0.01 FICA and FICA/Med amounts Active
KI8124 2011-02-07 ADP/PS Financials Reconciliation-Processes Running to "No Success" Active
KI8122 2011-01-18 AP 1099 Update Voucher Line Withholding Active

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