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Real Estate and Facilities


About Operations

Lifecycle costs associated with maintaining, operating, repairing, and renewing facilities far exceed initial construction costs. Today’s facilities are technologically complex, adding to the importance of proper operation and maintenance to ensure functionality and preserve asset value. Real Estate and Facilities staff assists the Board in maintaining a strategic focus on efficient and effective operation of facilities. Under the Board’s direction, we allocate major repair and renovation (MRR) funding to the institutions to provides for significant non-routine expenditures, such as roof replacements and mechanical and electrical system upgrades. We also actively pursue system-wide opportunities for cost savings, such as energy and water conservation measures.

Contact Information

Alan Travis
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Planning & Management
Tel: 404-962-3169

Ron Reed
Director, REV-Development
Tel.: 404-962-3165

Wayne Tyler
Program Manager, REV Mgmt & Ops.
Tel.: 404-962-3183

Jim Boatright
Program Manager, REV-Development
Tel: 404-962-3179

Josette Decatur
Administrative Assistant
Tel.: 404-962-3172