Strategic Implementation

Operations Division

Project Management


The Office of Strategic Implementation’s Project Management team is responsible for developing and implementing long and short-term project plans to ensure the delivery of high quality project management services for a system-wide portfolio of strategic projects and initiatives. This includes applying consistent and effective organizational approaches utilizing research-based best practices and standards.

Services Offered

  • Project completion within budget, schedule, and scope.
  • Project governance.
  • In-depth planning.
  • Resource planning and management.
  • Business, functional and technical requirements gathering and analysis.
  • Gap analysis.
  • Project management artifacts.
  • Monitoring and tracking against budget, scope, and schedule.
  • Issue and risk management.
  • Technology, functional or operational development.
  • Technical integration analysis against requirements and recommendation.
  • Vendor relations and contract management.
  • Business process engineering.
  • Policy and business procedure development and/or integration.
  • Status reporting, metrics and KPI reporting.

Project Tiers

Tier 1 Project: Strategic project involving multiple resources both internal and external, chancellor-aligned strategic project, large-scale/highly complex, system-wide impact, enterprise solution, or major operational/business impact. All project management services are provided to support these projects.

Tier 2 Project: Medium-scale project, medium in complexity, limited business or operational impact, may involve internal and/or external stakeholders, non-system wide impact. Select project management services provided, based on need and customer requirements.

Tier 3 Project: Small-scale project, low complexity, typically involving a single internal department with an operational or business process change. Project management templates will be provided to support these projects.