In May 2017, Chancellor Wrigley announced the launch of the College 2025 initiative, which included the development of a five- to 10-year academic roadmap for the USG and its institutions. In parallel with College 2025 work, the system established a comprehensive strategy around student success and completion called Momentum Year.

Together, these undertakings have demonstrated the need to update the structure and content of USG’s general education curriculum. Consequently, USG initiated a review convening a group of faculty, academic administrators and industry leaders and utilizing more than 500 submitted comments to create a draft set of design principles to shape the structure and scope of the new curriculum.

As part of the design process, USG sought input from all across the system and state — from faculty, staff, administrators, students and concerned members of the public. The several hundred received responses allowed the wording of the draft design principles to be refined in both tone and substance. The final revised design principles were approved by the Board of Regents at the September Board Meeting.

To undertake the next phase of the work we have convened a new group of over 40 faculty, academic administrators, and academic technologists. Their work, together with input provided by over a 1000 faculty submissions, has created a new structure for the general education curriculum that reflects the new set of design principles.

This proposal was presented to the board at the February meeting as an informational item. Here is a link to a video presentation of the details of the proposal as well as the rationale behind the suggested changes. The slides are available here.

Once again, we would appreciate your thoughts and reactions to the new proposed structure, and ways in which you think it achieves, or falls short of the vision provided by the design principles. Please complete the Redesigned General Education Feedback Form.