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Organizational Change Management


Organizational Change Management is a structured approach to evaluating the change, process, tools, and techniques that impact the people side of the organization, project, or outcome desired. When leaders effectively manage both the people side of change and the new solution, projects are more likely to meet the desired benchmarks.

Organizational Change Management helps people to systematically plan for the change, manage the change, and reinforce the change. Incorporating Organizational Change Management can increase communication, awareness, participation, knowledge, abilities, and readiness. This approach can create the correct perception of change and allows better overall satisfaction.

The Method

The Prosci ADKAR® Model utilizes the Prosci PCT™ (Project Change Triangle) Model as a simple but powerful framework for showing the three key elements for a truly successful change initiative:

  • Leadership/Sponsorship (the governance and strategy side of change)
  • Project Management (the technical side of change)
  • Organizational Change Management (the people side of change)


All three corners of the triangle represent the connectivity and interaction with each other to achieve the ideal results and outcome for any project. All three elements work within a concise team effort and not as a top-down structured framework.

Services Offered

Our office will facilitate the following Organizational Change Management Activities based on need, size, availability, and approvals:

  • Communication planning.
  • Sponsor roadmaps.
  • Training timelines and development plans.
  • Readiness assessments.
  • Resistance and coaching management.
  • Data collection and feedback analysis.
  • Corrective action measurements and reporting.
  • Celebrating and recognizing success and best practices.
  • After review of the Organizational Change Management Plan.