Leadership and Institutional Development

Administration Division

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a scheduling conflict with one of the published session dates. What should I do?

If after reviewing the institute schedule, you determine you cannot attend one or more activities, you should consider applying at a later date when full attendance is possible.

What browser should I use?

We support all modern browsers. We recommend that you use Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome for best results.

What is the best format to attach my documents?

Either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word. For best results, send all documents in the same format.

What documents should I attach to my application?

Your resume or vitae, 2 letters of recommendation, and personal statement. 

How do I send in my documents?

Embedded in the application are areas to attach your documents.

What if my documents are too big to send?

Your documents should not be too large. The application accepts files up to 10 MB. If you have more than 2 separate documents, we recommend that you combine them into one PDF.

Nothing happens when I select ‘Submit.’ What should I do?

Please be patient as your documents may take time to upload. Please do not hit the submit button more than once or your information may be lost. You should receive an email confirmation within 10-15 minutes from “USG Leadership and Institutional Development - No Reply <notification@mail.zohosurvey.com”. If you do not received an email confirmation, please check your Spam/Junk email folder. Contact organizational.development@usg.edu if you have any issues or questions.

I have submitted the application but received an error message. What do I do next?

Email organziational.development@usg.edu

Who do I contact with questions about the application process?

Email organizational.development@usg.edu

My title is director. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. If the applicant is a director, we look for responsibilities equivalent to the following:

  • Provides leadership and support for accreditation activities.
  • Directs and coordinates activities of department(s) for which responsibility is delegated to further attainment of goals and objectives.
  • Reviews analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine department(s) progress toward stated goals and objectives.
  • Confers with chief administrative officer and other administrative personnel to review achievements and discuss required changes in goals or objectives resulting from current status and conditions.
  • May serve as member of management committees or special studies.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates activities of one or more directors, managers and committees, in a large complex division of the organization.
  • Studies and analyzes departmental needs of directors for basis of program development.
  • Participates in formulating and administering campus policies and developing long-range goals and objectives.
  • Directs selection and training of staff and volunteer workers.
  • Assigns work and evaluates performance of directors and managers; recommends indicated actions.
  • Interprets departmental program and services to individuals or groups in community.
  • Assists directors through individual and group conferences in analysis of specific programs, understanding of program development, and increasing use of individual skills.
  • Directs and coordinates activities of department(s) for which responsibility is delegated to further attainment of goals and objectives.

When is the deadline to submit my application?

July 12, 2024

When and how will I be notified if I’ve been accepted to the ELI program?

All applicants will be notified of their application status by email the week of July 29, 2024.

Will travel be required?

Yes, most sessions will be in Atlanta with the possibility of one or two on a campus.

Is there a fee to participate?

The Board of Regents underwrites all program expenses, EXCEPT lodging and travel. ELI participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses. We suggest you submit your travel expenses to your institution for travel reimbursement.