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Encouraging and supporting leadership development throughout the University System

Application Instructions

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  • Employment for a minimum of three (3) years in higher education
  • Consecutive positive evaluation ratings for the last three (3) years
  • Demonstrated potential based on the USG leadership competencies
  • Minimum master’s degree and any other qualifications required for the next level position
  • Current management level/job title equivalent to Chair, Dean, vice president, Executive Director and above

Instructions to apply for the ELI are as follows. Please be sure to read all instructions prior to completing application.

Step 1: Prepare the following documents to include with your application:

  • Your resume or vitae. If further details are required, an ELI representative will contact you.
  • Two letters of recommendation supporting the application (one personal and one professional). Your manager will provide a separate assessment, so your recommendations are in addition to your manager’s assessment. ELI representatives will send the assessment to your manager.
  • Personal Statement: Submit a typed statement (no more than three pages double-spaced) to present the reasons you want to participate in the ELI and how the program supports your career goals. Include a summary of personal characteristics and skills you possess that would improve your prospects for success in an executive leadership position in the USG.
  • In the cases where the applicant is a director, a job description and organizational chart are required. Your application will not be accepted if it is submitted without a job description and org chart. The org chart should show the applicant’s upper and lower level reporting structure.

The applicant must have responsibilities equivalent to an executive director as follows:

  • Provides leadership and support for accreditation activities.
  • Directs and coordinates activities of department(s) for which responsibility is delegated to further attainment of goals and objectives.
  • Reviews analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine department(s) progress toward stated goals and objectives.
  • Confers with chief administrative officer and other administrative personnel to review achievements and discuss required changes in goals or objectives resulting from current status and conditions.
  • May serve as member of management committees or special studies.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates activities of one or more directors, managers and committees, in a large complex division of the organization.
  • Studies and analyzes departmental needs of directors for basis of program development.
  • Participates in formulating and administering campus policies and developing long-range goals and objectives.
  • Directs selection and training of staff and volunteer workers.
  • Assigns work and evaluates performance of directors and managers; recommends indicated actions.
  • Interprets departmental program and services to individuals or groups in community.
  • Assists directors through individual and group conferences in analysis of specific programs, understanding of program development, and increasing use of individual skills.
  • Directs and coordinates activities of department(s) for which responsibility is delegated to further attainment of goals and objectives.

Step 2: Review Application Process

Step 3: Complete Application

You cannot begin the application and save it – if you exit the application before submitting it, all data will be lost and you will need to begin again. Have all required documents ready to upload prior to beginning to complete the form.

Step 4: Submit Application

Upon submittal you will receive an automatic confirmation with a confirmation number – PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF THIS NUMBER.

Step 5: Record your confirmation number. This is the only place it will appear.

Step 6: Check your email inbox for a second confirmation from the Executive Leadership Institute.

NOTE: Your complete application package will be sent to the University System Office. Late or incomplete applications will be disqualified.

It will then be forwarded to the Chief Human Resources Officer at your institution. You will receive a notification on the status of your application the week of September 23, 2019.

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