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Accelerated Leadership Academy

Accelerated Leadership Academy The purpose of the USG Accelerated Leadership Academy (ALA) is to build a leadership culture by providing the next level of structured and continuous executive-level leadership development and certification that extend the initial Executive Leadership Institute experiences. An acceleration pool is a concentrated development effort focused on a small number of leaders to prepare them as quickly as possible for more demanding responsibilities.

The ALA prepares ELI alumni scholars to excel in executive roles and aligns their long term professional goals with organizational opportunities. Additionally, the ALA rigorously identifies and prepares a select pool of executive talent in advance of vacancies for critical positions within the USG.

Target audience: ELI Alumni Scholars (currently over 300 alumni)

Commitment: January, 2017 through November, 2017

Program Components:

The ALA offers rigorous assessment methods and a variety of developmentally rich experiences consistent with best practices for executive development as delineated below:

Assessments: Leadership potential, decision styles, and development.

Development and career path planning: Identify strengths and developmental areas. Align development with career interests.

Executive Coaching: Confidential advisement on improving leadership effectiveness.

Learning forums: Learn skills for innovation, team growth, and leadership.

Action learning: Focus on driving innovation; work in cross-institutional teams.

Networking: Conversations with the Chancellor, Presidential Roundtable, Executive & Vice-­‐Chancellor Convening.