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Ethics Refresher Training Released

Posted June 5, 2013

The Board of Regents approved the USG Ethics Policy at the November 10, 2008 meeting. This policy established, for the first time, a unified ethics policy for the entire University System of Georgia. The original Ethics Training pilot course was launched at the System Office in April 2009 and was soon rolled out to institutions. All of the System’s 40,000+ faculty and staff completed the initial training by June 30, 2010. A shorter, refresher version of the Ethics Training will be distributed to the institutions periodically. This refresher training is mandatory for all University System staff and faculty.

We are pleased to provide the official 2013 Ethics Refresher Course. A pilot implementation of the Ethics Refresher course began in June. The course has been evaluated, revisions to the course have been made, and the course has been released.

CHROs have received the Refresher course file and should coordinate with their institution’s D2L administrator to assist with uploading the course into D2L. This is the only version of Ethics Refresher training approved for upload and utilization. Any other versions may not have the latest updates and should not be used. The training should be completed no later than April 15, 2014.

We thank our colleagues at Georgia State University for their assistance in designing and developing the course; the pilot institutions East Georgia State College, Bainbridge State College, Georgia State University, and the System office for participating in the pilot and evaluating the course.

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