Academic Affairs Division

Corequisite Support

What is Corequisite Support?

Corequisite Support is a form of Learning Support, which is a generic term for programs designed to assist students who may need assistance to be successful in entry-level collegiate courses in English (reading and writing) and mathematics. As used in the University System of Georgia (USG), Learning Support is synonymous with what is sometimes called developmental education, developmental studies, remediation, or remedial studies in other states and systems.

As it is currently conceived in the USG, Learning Support courses are “corequisite” courses that are paired with ENGL 1101 College Composition I, MATH 1001 Quantitative Reasoning, MATH 1101 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, MATH/STAT 1401 Elementary Statistics, or MATH 1111 College Algebra.

Corequisite Support offers the advantage that all students are immediately enrolled in credit-bearing collegiate courses. Therefore, all students are on a pathway to degree completion and are able to maintain their momentum as they progress toward graduation.

The reason that we are exclusively using a Corequisite approach in the USG is that we have extensive data from within and outside the USG that shows that students are much more likely to be successful in completing entry-level collegiate courses in English and mathematics if their Learning Support is provided alongside their collegiate course (a “just-in-time” approach) rather than as before they are allowed to take a collegiate course. We hope that completion of these entry-level collegiate courses will be the first step on a pathway to degree completion for USG students.


Below, you will find links to the current recommendations for Corequisite Learning Support in Georgia, as well as links to organizations that support student success, archived Task Force and Ad Hoc Committee Reports, and other useful resources.