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The General Education Curriculum

The General Education Curriculum provides foundational knowledge in academic disciplines, exposing students to diverse learning perspectives and ways of knowing in Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities. Courses in the General Education Curriculum are required of all students and are (mostly) not dependent on students’ majors.

The current General Education Curriculum contains 42 hours of coursework arranged in five Areas (Core Curriculum, Areas A – E), and 18 hours in students’ field of study (Area F) for a total of 60 credit hours.

The overall design of the General Education Curriculum is the same at all University System of Georgia (USG) institutions, although the courses offered in each area may vary. Courses taken to fulfill USG General Education requirements transfer from one institution to another, even if the courses are not the same. This means that a course that counts for 3 credits in Area C at one institution counts for 3 credits in Area C at any other USG institution. (See also Transfer Hub.)

Board of Regents policies and guidelines published in the Academic and Student Affairs Handbook ensure that the common structure of the General Education Curriculum is maintained at all USG institutions. In addition, all new courses proposed for inclusion in the Core Curriculum Areas A - E at any USG institution and any changes to Learning Outcomes for the core areas must be approved by the Council on General Education.

Board of Regents Policy Manual: Policies on General Education

Academic and Student Affairs Handbook: Guidelines on General Education

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