The Consortium for Analysis of Student Success through International Education


CASSIE webinars offer technical guidance on data collection and submission, partnering between international education and institutional research, and practical guidance for advancing international education on campuses by showing its impact on student outcomes.

Informational Webinar for University System of Georgia SchoolsJune 25, 2018
Practical and Technical Information for Merging Education Abroad Data with Student RecordsSeptember 10, 2018
Campus Partnerships Between Education Abroad and Institutional Research
See Also: 2017-2018 UK Education Abroad Enrollment Report
April 24, 2019
Using Data for Campus AdvocacySeptember 26, 2019
CASSIE Data Partner Webinar - Interpreting Findings January 23, 2020
CASSIE Webinar: Effects of Education Abroad Program Characteristics on Student OutcomesApril 16, 2020

CASSIE conference presentations highlight progress and preliminary findings of the research.

Conference Title Date
AIR CASSIE Informational Session May 2018
AIEA CASSIE Progress Report January 21, 2019
IIE Summit Making Evidence-Based Decisions: Using Data to Advance International Education February 17-19, 2019
IIE Summit International Education as Means to Close Attainment Gaps February 17-19, 2019
FORUM on Education Abroad The Proof is in the Data: Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Examine the Effects of Education Abroad March 29, 2019
The University of North Carolina System Presentation to University Council on International Programs April 5, 2019
AIR Using Big Data to Examine the Effectiveness of International Education May 30, 2019
NAFSA Collaborative Data-Driven Strategies to Advance Comprehensive Internationalization May 30, 2019
ASHE Assessing the Impact of Education Abroad through a National Consortium November 14, 2019
Diversity Abroad Relationship between Study Abroad, Minoritized Populations and Student Success August 5, 2020
NAFSA Research Symposium Increased Academic Success for Racially and Ethnically Underrepresented Students Who Study Abroad November 20, 2020
NAFSA Leveraging Data for Global Engagement with Local Stakeholders June 4, 2021