The Consortium for Analysis of Student Success through International Education


Literature Review

The research on education abroad has grown voluminous, and several useful compendia are available (e.g.,IDP Database of Research on International Education. The scope of CASSIE’s research is more focused. We have assembled an annotated bibliography of research and foundational analyses pertaining specifically to education abroad and undergraduate student success. The 140 entries cover work through 2019. Most of the entries for empirical studies include information on methodologies, findings, and conclusions.

Interested scholars and practitioners may access the CASSIE Annotated Bibliography of Selected Research on Education Abroad and Student Success.

CASSIE Partner Research

Virtual Exchange and Academic Success: Looking Back to Inspire the Future

Nannette Evans Commander, Wolfgang F. Schloer, Erik James Lauffer and Farrah Bernardino Georgia State University

This research investigates learning via Virtual Exchange (VE), which uses internet-based tools and online pedagogies for connecting students from around the world. The study identified classes with VE and compared students’ academic performance with a non-VE student population. Propensity score matching helped reduce the effects of other student variables. Grade Point Average (GPA) at graduation, percentage of students who completed their degree, and time to degree completion were the outcomes examined. Although the sample sizes were not large, results suggested a positive impact of VE on academic success, particularly for undergraduate females, undergraduate Asians, and Pell-eligible students. The findings help build a case for expanding VE programs and for targeting resources.