Internal Audit, Ethics & Compliance

Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is responsible for supporting University System of Georgia (USG) management in meeting its governance, risk management and compliance responsibilities while helping to independently and objectively add value and improve organizational operations.

  • Conducting operational, financial and information technology audits of USG institutions and the University System Office
  • Performing system-wide reviews of specifics programs and processes
  • Providing consulting services to USG institutions
  • Conducting special reviews and investigations

Our specific areas of focus include:

  • The effectiveness of internal control processes and systems.
  • The accuracy, reliability and timeliness of management information reporting.
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and university policies and procedures.
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of management systems for achieving university objectives considering business risks.
  • The reliability and security of information systems and computer operations.

Internal Audit has three strategic priorities:

  1. Anticipate and help to prevent and to mitigate significant USG Governance, and internal control issues.
  2. Foster enduring cultural change that results in consistent and quality management of USG operations and GRC practices.
  3. Build and develop the Internal Audit team.

Internal Audit’s authority to conduct audits is specified in our Charter, in BOR Policy 7.9 and USG Business Procedures Manual Section 16. Internal Audit conducts its audits in accordance with a rolling audit plan, on request of management or as determined by the our office. Internal Audit oversees the System Office Internal Auditors and, in partnership with respective institution Presidents, oversees the campus internal audit directors.