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State Licensing Requirements

As a general rule, athletic camps, science camps, clinics, after-school programs, enrichment classes and activities are regulated by the State of Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. These activities require either a license or an issued exemption from licensure. Camps, programs and activities that are owned and operated by any department or agency of a state, county or municipal government are exempt. An exemption remains in effect until there is a change in the program. Institutions should ensure that all covered programs are properly licensed or that an exemption from licensure is obtained. A copy of the license or the exemption document from the Department of Early Care and Learning must be displayed as required by state law.

Learn more about licensing and the rules for licensing exemption at the Bright from the Start website: Bright from the Start - Child Care - Exemptions

General voice mailbox for exemptions is 770-293-5977
General email box for exemptions is