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Protecting Minors on Campus


USG institutions offer a variety of athletic camps, science camps, clinics, after-school programs, enrichment classes and activities which bring non-student minors onto campus. These activities are more abundant during the summer when school is not in session. These programs and activities are of great educational value and serve to benefit both the institution and the larger community. These programs and activities provide institutions with the opportunity to challenge, educate and mentor young people and to introduce them to their campus in a positive and meaningful way.

The safety and well-being of these visitors to our campuses is of the highest concern. The USG is committed to best practices that will provide a safe and healthy environment for all who participate, volunteer or work in these activities.

Board Policy 6.9 Programs Serving Minors

University System of Georgia (USG) institutions periodically conduct, sponsor, or host programs designed to serve minors who are not enrolled as students, including but not limited to camps, clinics, after school programs, and activities. Employees and volunteers associated with these programs who are reasonably anticipated to have direct contact or interaction with minor program participants must be appropriately pre-screened and trained. Institution presidents shall establish institution-level procedures to implement this policy and related directives from the USG.