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This section was designed with the student leader in mind. In it, there are multiple links to sites that will provide forums for new ideas to keep your Student Government innovative and provide programming boards with conferences that will aid in seeking out bringing new activities to campus.

The Conference on Student Government Associations (COSGA) is geared primarily to support student government leaders, by offering opportunities to network with other student leaders from across the country. The conference also offers innovative speakers and great training materials.

The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities offers conferences three times a year with programs designed to promote stronger leadership in student leaders and also provide programming boards with potential acts to book for the school year.

The National Association for Campus Activities, or NACA for short, is primarily designed for the programming board on campus. This conference is specialized with information to facilitate campus programming and allow for more innovation for campus activities.

The Student Leader Magazine is a resource that many student governments utilize for new ideas. The magazine offers insight as to what other Student Governments across the nation are doing. This website gives information about getting a subscription to the magazine and offers many online forums for Student Governments to interact.

The American Student Government Association (ASGA) is closely affiliated with the publishers of the Student Leader Magazine and shares many of the same articles on student leadership. The ASGA group is a professional association with the sole function of supporting Student Governments. To that end, they provide insights and have online forums to assist Student Governements.