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Core Mission Statement for State Colleges

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Within the context of the mission and vision of the University System of Georgia, its state colleges share core characteristics. State colleges are designed as highly flexible and dynamic institutions, particularly responsive to workforce needs in their areas. The primary functions of a state college are to serve as the associate-level access institution in the local area and to offer a limited number of baccalaureate programs targeted to serve the economic development needs of their region. While these colleges embody the common characteristics presented below, variations in their purposes, histories, traditions and settings allow each also to focus on its own distinctiveness and accomplishments.

The core characteristics include:

  • a commitment to excellence and responsiveness within a scope of influence defined by the needs of a local area and by particularly outstanding programs or distinctive characteristics that have a magnet effect throughout the region or state;

  • a commitment to a teaching/learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom, that sustains instructional excellence, functions to provide University System access for a diverse student body, and promotes high levels of student learning;

  • a high quality general education program that supports a variety of well-chosen associate programs and prepares students for baccalaureate programs, learning support programs designed to insure access and opportunity for a diverse student body, and a limited number of certificate and other career programs to complement neighboring technical institute programs;

  • a limited number of baccalaureate programs designed to meet the educational and economic development needs of the local area;

  • a commitment to public service, continuing education, technical assistance, and economic development activities that address the needs, improve the quality of life, and raise the educational level within the state college’s scope of influence;

  • a commitment to scholarship and creative work to enhance instructional effectiveness and to encourage faculty scholarly pursuits; and a responsibility to address local needs through applied scholarship, especially in areas directly related to targeted baccalaureate degree programs.