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Core Mission Statement for Research Universities

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Within the context of the University System’s mission and vision, the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia Regents University share core characteristics as research universities. While the four universities all embody the common characteristics presented below, variations in their purposes, histories, traditions, and settings allow each also to focus on its own distinctiveness and accomplishments.

The core characteristics include:

  • within a statewide scope of influence, a commitment to excellence and responsiveness in academic achievements that impart national or international status;

  • a commitment to a teaching/learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom, that sustains instructional excellence, serves a diverse and well-prepared student body, provides academic assistance, and promotes high levels of student achievement;

  • a commitment to wide-ranging research, scholarship, and creative endeavors that are consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence, that are focused on organized programs to create, maintain, and apply new knowledge and theories, and that promote instructional effectiveness and enhance institutionally relevant faculty qualifications;

  • a commitment to public service, economic development and technical assistance activities designed to address the strategic needs of the State of Georgia along with a comprehensive offering of continuing education programs, including continuing professional education to meet the needs of Georgia’s citizens for life-long learning;

  • a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic programming at the baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels, as well as a range of professional programs at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate level, including the doctoral level.