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Human Resources

General Information

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The Office of Organizational Development in Human Resources at the USG System Office established The Professional Development Consortium (PDC) as part of the Regent’s Strategic Goal Six: ‘Increase Efficiency Working as a System’. The purpose of the consortium is to foster collaboration among USG institutions in regards to professional development to facilitate benchmarking, share development resources and implement best practices.

The consortium consists of human resources and/or organizational development staff from each institution who have primary responsibility for designing, implementing and evaluating professional development programs.

PDC Charter
PDC White Paper

PDC Mission

Facilitate collaboration and organizational learning to address System wide professional development needs

PDC Goals

  • Continuously improve learning and organizational development function of each institution
  • Identify, develop and execute key learning programs and System initiatives
  • Create a system and associated processes for System-wide knowledge management

Consortium Structure

To achieve the goals of the consortium, the structure is as follows:

For more information about the PDC, call the System Office at 404.962.3244 or email us at