Strategic Implementation

Operations Division

Financial Aid Offer Letter (Know More. Borrow Less.)

Project Status

Completed February 2020

Project Overview

This project designed, developed, and implemented a standardized, digital financial offer letter for all USG Institutions. The financial offer letter clearly articulates the cost of attendance, the financial aid awarded, loans available with a recommended loan amount rather than just the maximum offered, and next steps. USG institutions began using the standardized digital offer letter for the 2020/2021 aid year.

This is achieved by leveraging extracted data from the Banner student information system and delivering it electronically to students via the CampusLogic CampusCommunicator product.

This project is part of the larger, system-wide “Know More. Borrow Less.” initiative: a comprehensive plan aimed at reducing barriers to financial aid, improving students’ understanding of borrowing, and reducing student debt. Simply put, the goal of “Know More. Borrow Less.” is to provide students clear information about options to borrow less money.

Project Benefits

Streamlining the federal student aid process.

Providing timely, accurate information regarding college costs and student debt.

Educating students and families about sound borrowing principles, including borrowing what is necessary rather than the maximum amount offered.

Helping students understand monthly debt payments upon graduation.

For Additional Information

Visit the Know More. Borrow Less. Homepage